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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america live in new york city. we have a look at the top stories. 14 people have been killed in a mud slide in washington state. president obama is more worried about a nuclear weapon than the security threats from russia. the supreme court is arguing whether to provide contra september tifs to employees. >> base jumpers sneak on to
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world trade center and dive from the top. >> proum is asking americans to send their thoughts and prayers to washington state as the authorities are searching for people missing from the washington state mud slide and at least 14 people are killed and that number is expected to rise. the mud slide destroying dozens of home. allen, what more can you tell about the search efforts going on there? >> well, tony, the search efforts are ramping up today. there is a federal emergency declaration here and it has freed up resources, money, personnel from fema and they are sending people in to help and manage and 70 member fema search
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and rescue team working here and the national guard is called out and 50 members are out on the scene and helping to coordinate the traffic and removing debris. emergency officials have been asked repeatedly where it is a recovery or search and rescue. that is a matter of semantics. whether a search and recovery or res kieing the urgency is still the same. a lot of people are coming out to volunteer. they want to get to the site and help. they have put out a call for volunteers in a small town nearby and overwhelmed and had to turn people away. so many people -- >> we have lost allen.
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we'll get back to him later the newscast. >> we are looking at the satellite images and the terrain in the area to understand what happened here. jonathan? >> people don't understand the scale of the disaster. it is large. it is a small town and an hour's drive north of seattle. 200 people live in the area. right now the rescuers are searching homes and buildings. it is an interesting, when you look add the video, tony, a lot of the homes in a valley beneath the mountain. it is in the path of the landslide and the mountain giving way and a huge chunk sliding down and across the river, and here, this is where it happened. 49 homes and structures along the river bank here, this area up here is where the mountain gave way, a huge chunk coming down a the mountain sweeping across the river and spread out
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and taking out homes and structures, some are homes and cabins and from here to here is a mile long. the mud by the way is buried the homes in 15 feet of debris. i believe 14 people are dead right now, including a woman linda, there she is, she was found dead in this home right here on the outskirts of town, her husband was seriously hurt. she was 69 years old. dozens more are missing. including steve. he was working on a satellite dish on a house. contractors and visitors and people driving by on the highway here are missing including families. including this one, visiting her grandparents in this home and the four of them not heard of
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since. it is difficult for the crews to return to the neighborhood here under the debris and the authorities are worried that the death toll will rise. >> thank you. we have the deputy communications director with the county's department of emergency management and thank you for the time, we appreciate it. what is the latest number of missing in the mud slide and have we seen any change in that number? >> well, right now what we have is 176 reports of people missing, we stress that is a report. we have so many different reports. some are very specific, some are vague, and we are still reconciling a confirmed list of folks who are unaccounted for or missing in the slide.
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we have not seen a change since yesterday and the crews are out there and the call center is continuing to take in information, photos and cell phone numbers and carriers as they are reported. one of the things is we are trying to ping the cell phones of those missing people to identify them. >> i am wondering if some of the names on this list, it is a big list at this point, might be from duplicate reports? >> absolutely. this is the case. a family member might have reported their father or husband is missing, and another family or friend reported them. that is what are crews are trying to do is reconcile the information. >> are the people originally listed as unaccounted for have
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been found alive and well in other locations? >> that i don't know. the folks in the field are working through that. >> authorities are still very much in this rescue mode, but it is a race against time. are you still holding out hope that maybe more people will be found alive. >> we are. it is a dynamic situation. we are all hoping for a miracle. that is what it is. we are hoping against hope that people are safe and trapped in air pockets or out of communication and unable to communicate. it is still a rescue at this point. o how many people are making up the search team at the moment and how unstable is the surface that the rescuers are working in at the moment. >> we have more than a hundred people on the ground. i don't know the exact number. we are getting a lot of help
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from the local and federal teams, fema and all over. >> okay. >> the ground they are working on is very, very unstable in places. some places are like quick sand and some places laden with debr debris, trees, parts of houses and anything taken down from the area when the mud came down. >> thank you for the time. she's the deputy communications director with the county's department of emergency management. thanks again. >> president obama and other world leaders are wrapping up the summit in the netherlands and overshadowed by the crisis in ukraine. they are concerned that russia is moving deeper into the country and could be facing more sanctions if the standoff escalates. mike, overto you. >> well, tony, the president came here and trying to unify
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theal lies. he leaves on the promise to impose sanctions if russia makes further moves into but no answers on what to do to force russia out of crimea. a day after joining other a leaders in a vow to impose sanctions on russia, president obama held out hope that russian troops now on the ukraine border will not invade. >> we impose what appears to be efforts of intimidation. >> russia is ll in control of crimea. >> i think it would be dishonest to suggest there's a simple solution to resolving what has already taken place in crimea. >> the public is weary of the
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american involvement. mr. obama is facing a political blowback at home. in the 2012 campaign, mitt romney called russia the number one foe and dismissed by mr. obama and the republicans citing it as misraeting the russian president putin. mr. barack obama doubled down. >> they are a problem, not posing the number one security threat to the united states. i am concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of nuclear weapon going off in manhattan. >> and what appeared to be a veiled swipe at putin, down playing russian on the world stage. >> they are a regional power that is threatening some of its
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immediate neighbors, not out of strength, but out of weakness. >> the president leaves the netherlands and on to brussels and this time a major speech promised by mr. obama tomorrow on ukraine. >> thank you, mike, we appreciate it. >> president obama saying he wants changes to the national security agencies's surveillance programs and asking congress to end the nsa's bulk collection and storage of the phone records and snowden revealed the details of that program last year. john? >> good afternoon, tony, if you thought there was anger in the united states with the phone and internet spying that is going on, it is even worse in europe where a comment tatar saying it is a free for all for the american officials looking for information on the phone calls and the the internet data.
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the president is pushing to message from january, which is ending the storage by the government of all so-called data. he stressed to do this however he needs the support of the congress and that is something which is thought to be the grasp, this is such a raw issue for so many constituents in the country. the message is he at least the seeking change on this issue. take a listen. >> the president in the netherlands and the spying is coming under criticism, the europeans are angry that the browsing activity is stored by the nsa. obama is saying that the administration is trying to end the government's role in the collection of the phone records, meta data, while maintaining the tools to stop terrorists. >> i am confident it is allowing us to do what is necessary in order to deal with the dangerous
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and the terrorism attacks and doing it in a way that addresses the concerns that people have raised and working with congress to pass the legislation quickly to get on the business of e effective law enforcement. >> the goal is ending the collection of the data records. the phone companies are told to store the data for 18 months. that is two phone calls back. the nss could obtain specific records but only with permission from a judge. civil lib terties groups are welcoming the plan and worried it is only covering the phone
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records. >> this is an important first step and deciding that the collection of american's phone records will stop, and going back to actually making court records for the specific accounts, this is a step in the right direction, but the problem, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are financial records and internet records and other data they can get through the bulk mass programs and so, this should be the beginning of the conversation, not the end of it. >> obama saying he needs congress on his side. the haggling is almost over. >> we are almost there with the white house, in the end, we all want the same thing. >> all of the reviews from the ig to congressional reviewses to presidential review panels no one found misuse of that program, but the americans need to buy into this. >> congress inspired nsa reform
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plans are circulating on the hill as well as the administration's, and for now, president obama directed the team to extend the current modified data trolling program for a further 90 days. >> yes, and those plans going around the congress is leaving things the way they are, minor adjustments to all of this ending the whole thing all together. focus is on the house intelligence committee and they have a plan on the table which allows the nsa to subpoena phone call records without prior judicial approval and obama plan maintains a control at all times. >> the court hearing arguments today on the healthcare reform law and whether employers are required to provide coverage for certain forms of contraception. we have the latest from
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washington, d.c. >> this is around whether the private or public corporations have the protections as people do. hobby lobby and others say that they are religious in nature and shouldn't have to cover contraception for employees, the iud's and morning after pill and they believe them to be abortion measures and the attorney for the government argued today and saying they are legally just contraceptions and the companies are saying they are morally and ledge ri opposed the them. >> we didn't choose this fight, our families would have been happy to continue to providing good jobs and generous healthcare benefits. but the government forced our hand. we hope and pray that the supreme court will uphold the
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religious freedoms to glorify god. >> the obama administration is saying that the companies can't pick and choose the healthcare to give to their employees. women's groups are protesting and demonstrating on the steps of the supreme court. >> women have the right to make their own decisions about healthcare and their birth control and it is not their boss's decision. >> the majority of the justices are open to limiting the contraception mandate. a key juice tis, anthony kennedy, often a swing vote and saying that the obama administration has allowed for exemptions. >> coming up, new fallout in a deadly police shooting of a homeless man in new mexico.
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and incredible video of three men base jumping off one world trade, but what about the security lapse that left them pull off this particular stunt. hello.
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>> shooting suspect at the navy base in virginia didn't use his own weapon, he disarmed an officer and shot and kill and sailor. the gunman has access to the base. he was a civilian. no word on the motive for the shooting. new fallout over a police involved shooting in new mexico. the officials want an independent investigation into the case of police officers accused of using excessive force during a confrontation with a homeslessne homeslessness. the mayor has strong words to the police department over the situation. and why is he speaking out now?
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>> it took him weeks to speak out and now he's saying that the police spoke too soon when declaring the killed to be justified. he criticized the police chief saying that he shouldn't have rushed to defend his officers. the shooting happened two weeks ago and captured on the police helmet camera. a homelessness man is arguing with the officers that are there to arrest him for illegal camping and it appears that he's going to comply and i will walk down to mountain with you and the police throw a flash device at the feet and he reaches for the two knives and at that point, right there, the officers fire six rounds at boyd and he died the next day in the hospital, tony. >> wow. how is the community reacting to
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the shooting? we heard there would be demonstrations today. >> yes, we are expecting a community rally at 6:00. protests of what many see as the excessive use of force by the police department and pointing to the 23 fatal police shootings. the city put together a citizen task force last year to look into the matter and none of the recommendations are yet adopted and some of the members spoke out today in light of the latest killing. >> yes, we need an investigation into this incident. but there have been over 20 other incidents. and the city has just defended itself and saying nothing the wrong, we don't have to reveal the information, people filed request for information under
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the state inspection of public records act that reportedly, i don't know firsthand, that reportedly were not complied with by the police department. this problem goes well beyond this incident. >> and the department of justice had been investigating this department and looking at the department for a year and a half, tony, and tomorrow they are hosting a meeting with the family members here. >> it is about time for that meeting. thank you, heidi. >> the new york city police department is saying it arrested four people in the connection with a september parachute drop from the top of one world trade center. david is here with more on the story. o>> tony, taking 12 years to build the twin sky scrapper and
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last fall just a few minutes to sneak in and get up to the top and jump. it is one world trade center, the tallest building in the western hemisphere. through a helmet cam worn by one of the three sky divers, and the footage posted this week to youtube is breathtaking. the iron worker james brady is waiting for a companion to jump and then he plummettes to the street. he pulls the cord on the parachute and providing a unique perspective on the sky scrappers and the office buildings nearby and the city lights and lands on the street just next to the stoplight and the fete prompted
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a police investigation. on monday the sky divers and the lookout surrendered, three were charged with burglary and jumped from a structure and arraigned and released on bail. the judge called the actions utter recklessness. the men experienced base jumpers entered the building on september 30th by slipping through a hole in a fence. a security guard saw the end of the jump and called police. investigators identified the crew by tracking their car spotted on surveillance video near the site. the incident though is just the latest embarrassment for the security operations. over the weekend, a teenager slipped under the fence and going all the way up to the spire and tweeted and took pictures. as for the base jumpers, they
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say they plan to donate all of the video proceeds to a charity for the families of 9/11 victims. >> you might wonder why is security is not better at one world trade center it is because the building is not open yet. it is opening later in the fall. and the security starting now will be tightened. >> i can't even watch that video. i want to cue it up again. i never thought i was afraid of heights but looking at this i'm petrifi petrified. look at this. look at this. >> they are professionals. and the great danger -- >> well, plenty of dangers. >> yes, but might inspire people that don't know what they are doing and innocent people get hurt below. >> oh boy. i can't watch that again. thank you, david. >> okay, on wall street, stocks
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turning around after two days of loss, the dow ending up 91 points. investors are in the buying mood. the consumer confidence is increasing. if you bought an electronic booed you may be getting a refund here. 33 states have settled with five of the biggest publishers over the charges and worked together to inflate the prices that cover the ebooks sold 2010-2012 and the amount of the refund depends on the number of books you purchased. >> o two missionaries fled the south sudan and help orphans make to safety and now reunited with those children. we have updates and that is coming up next. georgia's governor set to decide on a law that allows gun owners to carry guns in schools and
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airports and other places.
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>> two american missionaries are back in the united states. they were reunited with nine orphans that were under their care. those children are now safe. we have been following the journey these past few months and we are going to talk to them again. first, we have the back story. >> it is a complicated back story, tony, the journey is long, risky and tense. they could have left but decided to stay because of the orphans they have promised to care for. a video from happier times, brad
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and kim with orphans that lost their parents to conflict and illness. a year before the campbells sold everything and moved here to set up an orphanage and this piece was shattered last december. fighting broke out and pitting the armed factions against each other and struggling for political power and one morning, the campbells got caught in the cross fire and hiding in the home under the beds from a fire fight. they survived the morning but left that afternoon. >> we just waited out and went to the u.n. compound because the fights was close. >> we gathered everyone topth and carried up things to carry and we left the house. >> they took ten of the orphans with them and settled in on a crowded u.n. camp. they ran out of options and made the hard decision to leave the
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orphans behind. they made it to a safe haven in kenya and searched for ways to get the kids out. >> for the areas, there's been no way for anyone to get in touch and we would have been sitting there waiting it out without email, without phones, without any way to kind of move ahead with things. >> earlier in the month they arranged for the children to be moved to a safer location and reunited. >> they were the lucky ones, thousands have died and 7,000 forced from their homes and they were reunited with nine of the ten kids but one of them ran off. >> thank you so much. we are going to talk to brad and kim, brad, kim, great to see you again and great to have the
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opportunity to talk with you again. it is nice to see you back here in the united states, i know you would prefer to be in africa. you were able to reunite with nine of the ten children in your care in the past before leaving the country, how did you find those children and what kind of shape are they in? >> well, go ahead. >> they were in good shape. they had told us that they had remained in perfect health the whole time in the u.n. camp and they are a little thin, but they are thin people any way. but mentally and emotionally in really outstanding shape considering what they had been through. >> brad, one of the children as mentioned did not go with the
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others, what can you tell us about that story, the reason i am asking that, you have expressed your love for all ten of the children. >> yes. the one child that we had nine the from one particular tribe and one from a different tribe and while in the u.n. people were whispering in the ear of the one child from the different tribe and saying you know these people that are you are with are targeted and they are going to be killed and you are going to be killed with them and it is not good to be with them and encouraged him to leave, which he did. he was looking for extended family members of his own and we are working on it and people on the ground there trying to locate him to this day.
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>> kim and brad, kim, starting with you, there were times when the fighting was close to your home before moving to the u.n. camp, as i recall one of the daughters mentioned there were moments when bullets were whizzing by your house, how was the experience, from the firing to the ultimate escape to safety? >> it shook us up a little bit. the first attempt to leave, i think i told you about that to leave and get to the u.n. camp, we were met with bullets and missiles shot over our heads. it left a mark. we are trying to move past that and move beyond that. that is the reality of the
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people we are called to serve. >> back to the reunion for a moment here, brad, your daughters, cassidy and katie, they are always missionaries and we have video, they are just great kids, would you describe for me what that moment is like, there they are right there, when those two girls reunited with those children that were in your care? >> it was really an outstanding moment. it was real sweet. >> we were really, we were planning to meet up with them as they were arriving in town and they were getting some transportation from one place to another in town and headed to the church and spending the light and we were going to meet them on the side of the road just to get in the car with them
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and continue on and instead what happened was my wife and i were there and our daughters and standing on the street in the dark and we heard one of the children, we heard a familiar voice shout our daughter's name and katie k and left out of the moving vehicle and katie said this young man just about knocked the wind out of her by hugging her and just about tackled her and screaming and shouting and crying. the driver stopped and the car emptied out of children and they came at us and surrounded us and the next car came that emptied out in the street and there was just, just a mob of people hugging and crying and shouting and it was just, it was just beautiful. >> do you know how ticked off i
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am for not having the pictures of that moment, it is an incredible story. one last question -- >> i'm so sorry. >> not as sorry as i am. one last question before you go, you have said on a number of occasions you didn't want to leave the country without the children, you are in nebraska and you don't have the children, and can assume you are working on something for them, talk to me about what is going on their behalf right now. >> on their behalf we have been working with our partners here in the united states and like we mentioned they are in a safe place and our staff member is the hero and he made giquite a
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journey to get the children into a safe location, they have a house, beds and food, and we came back here to move forward and to raise up support and to raise up help and to begin the mission again and they know we are coming back and we are going to be together again very soon. >> brad and kim, thank you so much. it is great to see you again. give my best to your daughters and give those kids a big hug. >> the hunt for missing flight mh 370 narrowed and stalled because of the bad weather and chinese families are taking their angry out on the streets of beijing. >> taking their anger to the streets. these relatives of passengers aboard mh 370 say that the
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officials concealed the information and wasted the resources and delayed the rescue operations. >> can they understand how we feel. if they understand our feelings it wouldn't come to this. they dare to criticize us. look at what they have done. >> our relatives lost our lives the government is the executers. >> two weeks they waited for news and they feel that the malaysiians showed little respect throughout the time and more upset about the manner in which they were told. some received text messages in english and some told to gather and made to watch the announcement together and still others said they found out through the media. chaos broke out of the
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announcement and relatives aiming the rage where they could and others neateding medical attention due to the strain. >> i want to tell the journalistist they have sent. it is just not true. >> the chinese government is not satisfied with the recent announcement. >> we are paying great attention to this and asked them to provide all of the information and evidence that led to this conclusion. we are hoping that other countries will also continue to search. >> as conclusive as malaysia is saying that the findings are, protestor are not going to be silence until they have proof, such as debris and then they'll accept what happened, but not resting until they also get the answers to why.
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>> in afghanistan, nine senior employees from a security company are being detained. they smuggled weapons in. the police there are on edge and two gunmen launched an attack on the election office and four were killed and the taliban is vowed to disrupt the elections in kuwait. the leaders of the world are meeting and syrian seat is empty because the leaders couldn't agree who is going to represent the divided country. leaving the seat empty gives approval to the asad government's actions. >> the governor of georgia is deciding whether to approve a
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law to allow weapons in bars, schools, restaurants, airports and churches. the polls show low public approval but has broad bipartisan support in the legislature. robert, break it down on what exactly this bill would allow here. >> good afternoon, tony, exactly, you can see behind me a beautiful church in the suburbs of atlanta, and i will say, it is up to everybody, all the people, up to them whether or not they are going to allow loaded fire arms into the structures. one is churches and the other bars and restaurants. you can drink alcohol in a restaurant or bar if you have a loaded firearm. schools will be allowed to have loaded fire arms, all of the
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schools have to assign teachers or others to have those so they can protect the students and others from instrewtruders or attacks. airports, the atlanta airport last year confiscated more handguns than other airports in america, those people who walk into the airport with a loaded firearm would be allowed to walk publicly and freely in spots around the airport as long as they don't get too close to a tsa check point and if they forget about having on the firearm, they are not arrested as in the past, they are actually going to get a fine. now one of the other things that is in the bill, rather didn't make it into the bill, are the college campuses. that was nixed. not in the bill. though if you forget you have a
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loaded firearm and walk on the college campus you are not arrested, you get a hundred dollar fine. similar to a speeding ticket. this is on the desk of the governor. he's 40 days to sign this bill or veto it. many people here think he's going to sign it. if it sits for 40 days it is going into law. one of the architects of the bill, representative rick jaspers is not thinking it is making georgia a dangerous place. that is not true. the people that have a license they are good georgians and law abiding people, they follow the rules, and they do the right thing. this allows them to depend themselves as they need to. the bad guys don't care. they are not going by the laws.
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>> now, tony, there is opposition to this bill, of course, many of the lawmakers opposed it on both sides and also the police chiefs association opposed, restaurant and churches, the tsa, the atlanta mayor and one telling us this. >> i voted no, along with other members in the house and concerned with the number of places to carry guns. definitely schools as a parent my concern comes with start arming the teachers is that teacher responsible for protecting the kids in the class or going after the perpetrator in the building? >> tony, also stand your ground law, we know that term, a lot of people think that perhaps will become a bigger problem and people a little fire friendly.
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major concerns here, but a lot of people are supporting it. it is going both ways here in the state of georgia. >> all right, robert, thank you. >> a new report details a fatal police shooting linked to the boston marathon bombers. in florida prosecutors released a report on the fatal shooting, in may the fbi and the massachusetts police questioned him about the friendship with tam rev. the shooting was in self-defense. in texas, the coast guard is allowing limited traffic through the houston ship canal. more than a hundred ships were waiting to pass through. as much as a 170,000 gallons of oil spilled into the waterway
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after a barge collided with a ship on saturday. >> in new york, the jury started the deliberations, he's charged with conspiring to kill americans and yesterday, prosecutors urged the superiors to find him guilty of supporting al qaeda and defense is saying he acted as an instructor. >> in chicago the commuter train was traveling as normal speeds and the braking system failed to stop the train. 30 people had minor injuries. the union representing the train operator said fatigue may have played a role in the crash. and the washington monument is reopening to visitors on may 12 after being closed for nearly three years and it had to under p go repairs after the earthquake in 2011.
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workers have repaired more than 150 cracks in the stone's structure and hours are 9-10. >> okay. that is about time. i love that. so a the train, travelling at the posted speed crashes into the retaining wall and up the stairs and into the escalator as well? >> yes, and injurying 30 people. wow, thank you. >> growing controversy over the name of the washington redskins and the owner of the team is setting up a foundation to help out native americans and some are saying it is just a bribe.
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>> what is he doing, the
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redskins owner is start about aing foundation to help out the native americans and coming with the controversy over the team's name. he's refused to change the name of the team for years. >> he's defiant about changing the names and now this news. in a letter posted to the fans, he announced the creation of the washington redskins american native foundation and addressing the issues facing the native american community. he visited a hundred native american tribes and addressing the challenges plaguing indian country and based on the tribal leaders saying what they need the most. they have ignored and unresolved and we honoring them with the words and on the field and now
4:53 pm
with the actions. so far they have donated jackets and shoes and a piece of construction unit. >> i bet there's tribal leaders that are outspoken on this issue. >> the same ones that have spoke out about the name are criticizing this term, redskins is a term that is offensive and need to be changed and critical of the foundation, they issue add response and we are glad after the decade of owning the team he finally says he's interested in native american heritage but not changing the fact he needs to stand on the right side of history and change the team's name. the country's oldest and largest organization saying that the team wants to partner with the native american community and he needs to change the name and the
4:54 pm
mascot. they have a pr to promote the team and defend the name of it and now this foundation. it appears as talking out of boblth sides of his mouth. >> we appreciate it. sounding off on social media as you can imagine. that is not going to be pretty. >> tony, as soon as the announcement came out, the folks going to facebook and twitter and writing about this, and including the cochair of the native american caucus, dan continues to insist on using racist mascot and the name must change. the new organization is just a bribe. they are seeing it as a pr stunt and some are taking selfies.
4:55 pm
join in... not 4 sale. writing... and there are fans that are saying keep the name, writing... and on the redskins facebook page posting this, and david writing... >> all right, thank you. we appreciate it. >> an architect that builds
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temporary shelters out of card board tubes is awarded the highest honor. named this year's winner of the prize. recognized for working in disaster homes to create lost cost buildings and appeared in haiti, japan and the philippines. >> we have a look at the top stories coming up. if you would like the latest information on the stories we have corpsed here in this news hour, head to al back in a moment. >> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony...
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>> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america
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real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> this is aljazeera live from new york city. we have a look at the top stories and rain is complicated efforts in the search in washington state from the mud slide and they are trying to
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find dozens of missing people and at least 14 people are noun dead and destroyed homes and covered parts of a highway. the nuclear summit ended today and president obama joined the world leaders to discuss ways to discuss nuclear terrorism and discussing the crisis in ukraine. president obama announced today he's going to ask congress to make changes to the nsa phone records collection program and wants to companies to hold on to the data and allow the government to access it for national security issues. the supreme court hearing issues regarding the healthcare and that companies provide contraceptives to the employees. >> chinese families protested in
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front of the malaysia embassy and the hunt for the debris is narrowing. "inside story" is next. >> it's been 300 years how jener figured out how to oh smal stopl pox. this is "inside story."